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Happy Wednesday! After just a few days in Austin, I’m off to Dallas tomorrow for a long weekend. Aside from when I was there moving out of my house the last few days of 2023, I haven’t been back in Dallas or seen my friends there since the first week of December! This weekend we are getting together to celebrate my friend Taylor’s baby shower, but I’ve also made a number of other plans trying to see as many friends as possible while I’m in town. I haven’t figured out what I’ll wear to the shower yet, but I’m thinking maybe this sans coat? I’m excited to visit and catch up with everyone!

One thing I’ve realized the last few months from going back and forth to New York, is that I have very distinct looks and preferences there vs in Texas. For example, in Texas one of my go-to staples that adds instant polish is a tweed jacket like this. I have a number of styles in a variety of colors, and wear them all the time with tees/knit tops, jeans and ballet flats! Because it’s rarely cold enough in Texas to warrant a bunch of layers, this look is sort of my uniform for everyday wear. In New York, however, I’ve been leaning into modern, almost edgy styles vs more classic pieces. Relying heavily on sleek sweaters, daring denim and chunky, wearable boots, I definitely feel more in tune with the vibes up there. It’s been fun to navigate and try some new things! We’ll see what I get into as the temps warm up in NYC later this spring!


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