ABOUT Merritt Beck is a luxury fashion and lifestyle blogger based in Dallas, Texas. Opting for elegant staples over chasing trends and fast fashion, her style has an ageless appeal that stands the test of time. Ever since launching in 2011, Merritt’s blog has been a destination for savvy women looking to elevate their wardrobes and improve their lifestyles. From seasonal capsule wardrobes and everyday outfit ideas, to the latest and greatest in contemporary and designer fashion, let this blog be your go to for all things style.

Merritt is also the solo host of the Beck & Call Podcast, a weekly audio diary where she discusses all things life, work, love and everything in between as a successful, single woman in her 30s. In addition to her solo episodes, Merritt hosts amazing guests each month in areas of fashion, fitness, wellness and more! Tune in each Wednesday for new episodes, available anywhere you listen to podcasts.

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