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In case you missed it on Instagram, I was SO sick over the weekend! Like, on my death bed. Exactly one week ago I started feeling a tingling/itchiness in my throat, but attributed it to mild allergies (even though I really don’t suffer from those). It continued on like that for a couple of days, and then Friday night I was up all night coughing and my throat was terribly sore. I went in for a rapid strep test at my local pharmacy first thing Saturday morning, which I tested positive for, then had to get a Telehealth appointment to secure some antibiotics. I seem to have had strep on top of another kind of cold or virus (I tested for COVID which came back negative), so my symptoms were all over the map: sneezing, coughing, incredibly runny nose, brain fog, lethargy, the list goes on. I’m really not sure I’ve ever felt that sick before. I started taking the antibiotics as soon as I was able to pick them up Saturday afternoon, but it didn’t feel like they’d started really kicking in until yesterday. Or maybe the cold is finally starting to dissipate? Either way, I’m thrilled to be on the mend after a truly terrible three days!

I’m leaving for New York for two months on Monday, so I really don’t have the time to get taken out by a lengthy illness! I’ve got quite a bit to do before I leave town, plus there are a couple of fun social plans on the calendar later this week + weekend I have been looking forward to. After months of doing just a week up in the city, I’m excited about my first longer stretch there since getting my apartment! My mom is actually going to be my first house guest, and is coming to visit just a few days after I arrived. It’s going to be so fun taking her around to some favorites in my neighborhood! Make sure you’re keeping an eye on my Instagram stories to see where we go and what we get up to…!


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