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As of yesterday I am all moved in and unpacked in my New York apartment! The movers came a day earlier than originally planned, and I was so so grateful. They arrived right at 9am yesterday and spent all morning installing my rugs, furniture and bringing up boxes for me to unpack. By just after 3:30pm, I had gotten through every box and put everything away! Last night was my first night on a real mattress since the 7th – I’ve been on an air mattress since I arrived in the city, and I’d actually kind of forgotten what a real box spring mattress felt like. Needless to say I got much better sleep last night than I have in almost two weeks!

I am SO SO happy in this apartment! Every piece of furniture I brought up here fits perfectly, and because it’s stuff I’ve owned for awhile, installing it all made the apartment feel almost immediately like home. If you want to see pictures of the apartment and see what I brought up from Texas, you’ll definitely want to subscribe to my Instagram! I’m sharing a lot of behind-the-scenes content there you won’t want to miss. Tomorrow I fly back to Dallas to pack up my car before heading to Austin for the Christmas holiday! While I’m sad I won’t be spending more time in the NYC apartment right away now that I have all of my stuff, I’m eager to get moved out of my Dallas house and into the Austin condo as well. Plus, next time I fly up to New York my apartment will be ready to enjoy!


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