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I kind of can’t believe Thanksgiving is only one week away! It really snuck up on me this year, thanks to being gone a whopping five weeks and having a whirlwind, crazy week upon my return… and the craziness doesn’t stop! I have a wedding this weekend outside of Houston, movers come to my house Monday to pack up and take stuff to New York, then I head to Austin for Thanksgiving (and the birth of my nephew!), then back to New York to meet the movers… my whole schedule will sort of be up in the air after Thanksgiving, so I’ve been doing my best to get as much work done as possible these last few days. I’m currently house-hunting in Austin as well, which is complicated by the fact that I’m not actually there! My mom has been going to showings for me and giving me FaceTime tours – it’s been a journey.

Needless to say, there’s a lot going on and I have a lot to tell you guys about. I’ve received a lot of requests to bring back the podcast lately, and while I don’t want to do that, I do want to bring you more behind-the-scenes content like I was doing on the podcast, but in an easier-to-manage format for me. I’ve been seriously considering launching Instagram subscriptions, where I’d be more comfortable sharing a peek behind the curtain. I’m still working out the details and what I’d offer as part of that subscription, but stay tuned for more information soon! As always, my fashion content will continue to be free here, in my newsletter and on my Instagram account – that won’t change!


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