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Yesterday was the definition of a Monday! First, I got locked out of my house thanks to a power outage. How, you ask? Well, I take Reeses on a walk every morning and typically exit using my garage (there’s an app that opens and closes it!). The app needs to be connect to my house’s WiFi, which obviously was not working/on thanks to the aforementioned power outage. After waiting a few minutes to see if it would come back on, I called Oncor to report the outage and found out it might not be turned back on for a couple of hours. After a few moments of panic, I reached out to my assistant Liza who happens to have a key. Thankfully she was able to come over to let me back into my own house! While I waited for her to arrive, the Restoration Hardware team delivered my desk chairs. I just had the guys leave the chairs in the boxes since I wasn’t able to let them inside to unpack them. That’s not all though… while Reeses and I were stuck outside, Reeses found a dead snake that I then had to pry from her mouth. Yuck! Needless to say my morning got off to a rocky start, but after that things improved in a big way!

After Liza got me into the house, I unpacked the desk chairs and took them up to my office. They look fantastic! I love how sleek and chic they are, and that they have rollers. I’ll be getting more of these chairs (the arm-less version) for my conference table (which I also have yet to order!), but trying to spread out all of my house purchases. After that, the power turned back on and I was able to fit in a great workout! I did a 30 minute Glutes & Legs class with Selena Samuela and a 20 minute Pop ride with Cody Rigsby – my legs were toast after that Peloton combo. My coffee table was delivered around lunchtime, so my living room is now good to go! I ended up moving the side table to a different room, deciding that I needed to break up the burl. The space felt too warm with both pieces in there! The Collective was incredible and so easy to work with! They’ve been very patient and flexible with me as I figured out the right stain for the space. Highly recommend them if you’re looking for high-quality custom furniture. I love how my pieces turned out!

The rest of the day was spent working from my comfy and stylish new desk chair, followed by a fun dinner at Rise No 1 with my bestie! I hadn’t seen her since before my trip, plus she had a baby while I was gone – so naturally *lots* to catch up on. We were both eager to try the the special mac & cheese soufflĂ© they are offering this month… it did not disappoint!


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