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This weekend was a fun one, as I got to celebrate my birthday with friends after returning home from Carmel. A friend and I went to Shinsei Friday night, and then a bigger group grabbed brunch at Parigi on Saturday… followed by a fun afternoon at my house, Monkey Bar and Park House! Needless to say, by dinner time I was ready for a night in. Sunday was spent hanging out with Reeses, watching TV and doing an Instagram Q&A! In my opinion, it was the perfect weekend!

We’re about a month out from my trip to Carlsbad, California, where I’ll be bringing Reeses for the first time. She’s done a number of road trips to Austin, but has yet to fly on a plane! To prepare and get her ready for it, I bought this pet carrier and we are going to be practicing a little bit every day. I want her to get used to being in the carrier so she doesn’t freak out on the plane – I honestly have more anxiety about it than she probably does! Yesterday I walked her up the stairs in the carrier and made her stay in it for 30 minutes. I’m going to build on that time over the next few weeks to desensitize being in the carrier. I may take her a few public places in the carrier like Home Depot as well, since they allow dogs! I’ll also be taking her the week of to get an all-clear from the vet and possibly get some doggy Xanax… but if you have any other tips for traveling with a dog, let me know!!! I’ll take all the help I can get.


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