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What a few days it has been! Liza was out on Friday and Reeses was at Bevill Dog Behavior for a a training touch-up, so I had a bit of a long weekend to myself. I had considered doing a staycation at a local hotel, which is why I boarded Reeses for the weekend to begin with! I ended up deciding against the staycation, but decided to board Reeses at Bevill anyway for a little weekend off… plus, figured it couldn’t hurt for her to get a refresher on what she learned at bootcamp in the fall! So with my temporary freedom, I had a very fun and relaxing weekend. I enjoyed lunch out on both Friday and Saturday with friends, plus drinks outside after lunch on Saturday! I also decided to host an impromptu Super Bowl watch party at my house for two of my friends. Naturally I overdid it with cooking apps for just three of us, but I can’t say I’m sad to have lots of leftovers!

Even though I said I wasn’t going to work this weekend, I had a few hours here and there that gave me time to knock out to-do list items for the Spring Capsule Wardrobe. I ended up getting a lot done and can confidently announce it will launch this Thursday! Today Liza is testing all of the links in the PDF, and I have to get the blog post set up… but it’s coming!

PS: Before I forget to tell you, today is Reeses’ first birthday! I’m baking her a dog-friendly birthday cake today, so check my Instagram to see how it turns out. Reeses has been such a good distraction from everything going on in this crazy world, and such a comfort to me during this lonely pandemic. She’s my number one side kick, and I love her *so* much! Happy Birthday, Reeses!


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