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So funny story… over the weekend I injured myself in a pretty hilarious way! My friend Rachel came over and we were doing a Peloton Dance Cardio class when the injury occurred. I have a weight rack but still need to assemble it, so my dumbbells are all currently organized and lined up along the back wall of my gym. During the class, I jumped backwards and my right ankle landed on one of the dumbbells and promptly rolled! There was an audible crack, and I was on the floor. It was so painful for those first five minutes or so, but now is only painful when my ankle is at an angle. I popped over to urgent care for an X-Ray just to make sure I hadn’t broken anything, but it’s just a bad sprain. I have been able to hobble around/walk on it, but I’m not putting much weight on it when I do. I ordered a boot and some other wraps/compression items on Amazon to wear over the next week or two while it heals! I’m a bit bummed to not be able to work out (at least on my feet!), but if there’s any good time to relax I suppose it’s the holiday season. Clearly the icing on the cake for 2020, am I right?

The bright side is that my mom and sister drove up on Sunday (which was already planned), so it’s definitely been nice to have some extra help around the house and with Reeses the past few days. We had a fun dinner outside at Mi Cocina on Sunday, which was so lovely with all of the Highland Park Village lights all around us! We followed dinner with a holiday lights tour of Highland Park and University Park. It was the perfect activity to get in the Christmas Spirit! How are you guys getting festive this holiday season? Whatever you do, don’t miss this velvet blazer + pant set. Would be fab for Christmas Eve dinner! It also comes in a brilliant bottle green.


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