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Now that it’s officially November, I have no issue with jumping straight into holiday content! Honestly, I think we could all use some holiday cheer early this year. I’m ready to burn my favorite wintery candles and put up Christmas decor! I’m not hosting anything Thanksgiving related at my house in Dallas, so I don’t see any reason to wait to decorate. I actually had Christmas lights installed on my house over the weekend! I saw a Christmas lighting company installing them at my across-the-street neighbor’s house, so I popped over and asked if they could give me a quote while they were on my street. After measuring, they texted me the quote and said they could install the lights right then! It was super random and unplanned, but I’m so happy to have it done. Plus, my house looks so charming with the lights on at night! I’d happily leave them up all year, but I’m sure that wouldn’t win me any points with my new neighbors.

For the first EDIT of November, it seems appropriate to share some holiday party ready pieces! Velvet, sequins and all of the best party-friendly fabrics have been arriving at my favorite stores in droves this last week. So many fab pieces to consider! While the holidays will certainly be different as we continue social distancing, I still plan to dress up and make the most of this holiday season. 2020 still has a chance to redeem itself!


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