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Happy Tuesday! This is my first official week living and working in the new house. I still have so many things to organize and don’t have all of my furniture yet from the old house, but I’m having fun getting settled little by little! Today my bed gets delivered, and this Saturday my new floor mirror will be delivered as well. After this weekend, the only things I need to complete my bedroom are drapes, a rug, nightstands and bedding! It still seems like a lot I have to get, but it definitely feels like I’m making progress.

One area I haven’t finalized that I’d like to this week is my closet. Between going back and forth from Austin and having moved everything over rather quickly before I left town, it’s kind of a mess. I have my bags and shoes arranged, but other than that everything is very disorganized. Like I did at the last house, I’ll probably arrange every section by color so it’s easy to find what I’m looking for. I also need to decide what else (if anything) I need to put at the empty top hanging sections. The ceilings are ten feet tall, so whatever I put up there shouldn’t be something I reach for often. Right now I have skirts, scarves and summery jackets, but I currently have three open sections I could fill with other stuff! Thinking I might use one for more large tote storage, at least my summery straw totes since we’re going into fall. The drawers at this house are quite a bit bigger, so I bought these dividers to try and see if I can better organize things like my bras, underwear, activewear, etc. Wish me luck!

PS: I bought two of these and these for my kitchen pantry and they are SO useful! For the two lazy Susans, I separate out little things like RX Bars, Nuun tablets, etc in one, and in the other I organize chip clips, plastic cutlery, chopsticks, etc. In one of these bins I have various bags of nuts and dried fruits I use for salads, and the other I use for bags of chips! It’s an easy way to keep the bags standing up straight and contained in one spot.


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