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My visit to San Francisco and Napa was so much fun, but the weather was less than ideal. It rained on and off the entire weekend! While California definitely needs the rain, it was sort of a bummer not being able to walk around the wineries. It’s apparently supposed to rain here in Dallas all week too! It has me thinking about my wet weather wardrobe, especially with April coming up:

  1. I picked up these boots before my London stay and they’ve been a sophisticated, tailored option for even the windiest, wettest days. They are designed like a chic pair of riding boots, so you don’t have to worry about that clunky rain boot look.
  2. I also picked up a very lightweight rain-repellent jacket which has been great for more mild weather, but what I really could have used in San Francisco was a thicker quilted jacket like this one. My mom actually has this jacket – I’ve worn it a few times while visiting Carmel and it’s very useful for that type of climate! Definitely on my must-have list.
  3. For some reason all of my umbrellas are bright colors. I don’t necessarily mind a good print, but more often than not I prefer to wear all black or other subtle neutrals when the weather is gross – I don’t have a reason, that’s just what I do! I like the look of this Hunter Boots umbrella – it’s a cute style that’s also very practical.
  4. If you are on the hunt for a pair of rain boots in more of an ankle boot style, try this pair from Kate Spade or these Tory Burch boots. Simple, modern options for day-to-day wear!
  5. On days where rain isn’t 100% confirmed, wear a versatile piece like this military-inspired Barbour jacket. It’s waterproof and hooded, but the army green color and fit of the jacket is stylish and flattering, even with the most casual outfit.


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