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I’ve been in New York for about five days, and it’s been so fun so far! It hasn’t been without its issues though. I rented a furnished apartment through Blueground, and because of the monsoon-like rainfall that occurred in New York on Friday, there was a major leak in the bedroom of the apartment and a pretty sizable hole/gape in the ceiling. Because it was the weekend, maintenance didn’t come by until Monday! I also had some trouble with the shower, but thankfully got that figured out after a couple days. While I love the location of the apartment and the space is decorated nicely, having to deal with maintenance issues my first few days and having to call/email with Blueground all weekend wasn’t ideal. I spent most of Monday afternoon at home waiting on the maintenance guy to come by! Again, not the end of the world, but you kinda hope things will be ready to go and in working condition when you’re spending a lot of money on a place like this.

Aside from the apartment issues, I’ve been having a great time! On Friday I had dinner with my friend Mallory at Waverly Inn, which was the perfect cozy dinner for a chilly and rainy evening. Saturday I did a little shopping around the ‘hood, and then met up with some other friends for drinks at Saint Theos. I’d eaten there once before but wasn’t blown away by the food, but after my friends left for a birthday party, I decided to just have a bite of dinner at the bar. I’m so glad I did too, because the meal was outstanding! I ordered the braised artichokes and lemon linguine, both of which are things I would order again. I may go back again soon just for the linguine – the flavor was absolutely incredible! Make sure you’re following along on Instagram to keep up with my New York adventures!


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