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A couple of big things are happening this week! For one, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale opens to the public TOMORROW! That means all of you who don’t have a Nordstrom card will finally be able to shop! Click here to check out all of my blog posts so far focused on this year’s sale, but check back tomorrow for two fresh in-stock roundups and links to the most important content.

The second big thing happening this week is my coffee table is getting delivered on Friday!! It’s earlier than I expected to get it too, which is very exciting. My coffee table was the last thing I needed to complete my living space, so I’m thrilled it’s finally here! I still have to find pieces for my breakfast area (table and chairs), as well as counter stools for my kitchen island… but progress is progress. I’m so glad I’ll finally be able to entertain now that my living space will be complete! I feel like I’ve spent all of my money on furniture and home projects these last several months (honestly this last year!), and still have a lot to do and buy. I may table some of those purchases for awhile though, as it would be nice to not have an eyebrow-raising credit card bill for a few months.


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