everything you need to know about neulash + a video tutorial!


NeuLash Video Tutorial | The Style Scribe

My skincare regimen changes on the reg (I’m always trying new products!), but there’s one beauty product I use every. single. night. That product is NeuLash. It is a lash-enhancing serum that helps lengthen and strengthen your eyelashes. I’ve used this miracle worker for the past two years and have been nothing but thrilled with the results! I’ve talked about NeuLash a whole bunch on my SnapChat (username: merrittbeck), and I know I’ve talked about it on here before in past beauty posts, but I’m always getting questions about how it works and how to apply it. I figured I’d go ahead and give you guys a quick video tutorial and a little more info!

Unlike some of my friends who pay hundreds of dollars every few weeks to maintain their eyelash extensions, I only use one $150 tube of Neulash every 8 months-1 year and that’s all I have to do to get thick, long lashes!

Find out more about NeuLash and learn how to apply the serum in my latest video on YouTube! Also, be sure to subscribe to my channel to get the videos right when they launch!


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