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Have y’all heard about the Instagram update? Apparently they switched up their algorithm, so now instead of seeing your feed in reverse chronological order (like you always have), Instagram is now going to show you what it THINKS you want to see – aka “popular” and sponsored posts. Unfortunately this is a common practice on social media channels – this happened a few years back at Facebook, and then Pinterest followed a short time later. You’ll see less of what you want and more of what’s been paid for. Irritating, am I right?

Yesterday you probably saw a serious influx of Instagram posts from brands and bloggers you follow telling you to “turn on post notifications”. If you’re like me, that is just NOT an option. I cannot be bothered with getting constant notifications on my phone – so annoying!! If you’d like to keep seeing my Instagram posts but would prefer not to sign up for notifications, all you need to do is continue engaging and interacting with my content on Instagram. Keep “liking” and commenting – the accounts you engage with most are what will help guide Instagram to the content you want to see in your feed!

On that same note, if you haven’t yet signed up for LikeToKnow.It, do it now! It’s the only way to shop my looks before they hit the blog. Sign up to receive my Instagram outfit details straight to your email inbox – never wait for a blog post again! Click here for a more detailed description of LikeToKnow.It and how to sign up!


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