Happy Monday from Breckenridge! I arrived here yesterday after a few nights in Carmel, California and Aspen respectively. It’s been so fun taking Reeses with me literally everywhere – everywhere is so dog friendly!! Plus, it’s been an unbelievable break from the heat. Needless to say, we’re both thriving. I wore this look to dinner last night to Casa Tua in Aspen! I’m not lying when I say most of my outfits for this trip revolve around these scarves. I know most people like dressing on theme in Aspen with fringe, cowboy boots and a Western hat, but that’s not really my vibe. Plus, since I was doing California and Colorado, I had to pair down my options to the most versatile pieces that would work in both places!

This dress is a new purchase, but I originally tried it on in navy about a month or two ago – at the time, I wasn’t sold on it. Navy isn’t a color I gravitate towards, but I did like the silhouette. It wasn’t until I saw this punchy poppy color that I gave it serious consideration. Red is actually one of my favorite colors to wear, but I don’t buy it very often! It’s reserved for only the most special pieces or just stand-out styles I know I’d wear a lot. This dress fits into the latter category! The stretchy smocked bodice is very comfortable, the midi silhouette is one I can wear from day to night, and it has pockets. What’s not to love? I’m wearing the size small here.

While I have a couple of dinners planned in Breckenridge, I expect I’ll mostly be in athleisure while I’m here! It’s definitely a more laid back atmosphere than Aspen or Carmel style wise, and I don’t know a soul here so who am I trying to impress? Everyone I’ve seen so far is in workout clothes or some type of hiking/adventure getup. I’m personally looking forward to doing some hiking and I actually signed myself up for fly fishing later this week – I’ve never done it before, so wish me luck!


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