Palm Beach



My mom has visited Palm Beach several times over the years, and has stayed at The Brazilian Court, The Breakers and The Colony. When choosing a spot for our girls trip, we collectively decided on The Colony since it has such a fun, feminine and young vibe! The decor + design alone is swoon-worthy. My mom loved her experience at The Brazilian, and had said it was the absolute best service, the pool was quiet and the vibe was more relaxed + elegant. The rooms are a bit old-fashioned, but she said that’s where she and Morris liked most for their trips together! The Breakers, on the other hand, feels like an ultra-luxurious cruise ship. I say this because the property is MASSIVE. The hotel is enormous, there are multiple pools, ballrooms and restaurants/bars. While the hotel is large and spread out, it definitely felt kind of crowded walking around the place! Generally that kind of thing is not my scene – I prefer a more boutique experience when choosing a hotel! With that said, the night we went for drinks + dinner I noticed how impeccable the service and attention to detail was. It’s very impressive to see that level of service with such a large hotel! Anyway, I wanted to share all of that in case you’re considering one of those three hotels I mentioned at the start of the paragraph. All three are great, but different in their own way!

The Colony certainly had the boutique experience I was looking for! It was just a block away from the beach and from Worth Avenue, making it the ideal location for a girl’s trip. The Colony was built in 1947, and has since gone through a major renovation and design facelift. As I said before, the design + styling around the hotel is absolutely darling! It’s definitely an Instagrammable spot, if that’s something you look for in a hotel. With that said, the hotel feels a little “lived in”. It’s a very popular hotel in Palm Beach, so naturally there are certain areas that feel a little more worn down. We stayed in junior suites, and the size of the rooms was actually really great. There were two walk-in closets, so my sister and I had no issues making ourselves at home! The main downside I felt was the very low lighting in the rooms and hallways – it made the spaces feel more dull for some reason. There were zero ceiling lights in the room, leaving the lighting to the small windows and a couple of little lamps. The common areas (lobby, bar, pool) were super lively most of the day and into the evening – they have live music in the bar at night which was a fun treat during happy hour!

My favorite part of staying at The Colony was actually the BlueStone Lane coffee shop on the bottom floor! I stopped in every morning to get a matcha and a muffin. It was the perfect breakfast post-workout! I tried every muffin, and they were all SO GOOD. The little coffee shop also had a bunch of great food to take away like sandwiches, salads, and even caviar if you’re feeling fancy! Lots of good items to take with you for a beach day or if you want to take a break from eating out at restaurants.

Overall I really enjoyed my stay and would definitely stay at The Colony again! Be sure to check out some pics from around the hotel below!

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