If you started social distancing early like I did, this Friday marks the start of your third week in isolation.



As someone who has been social distancing ALONE for the past two weeks, I can’t recommend puzzles enough. I get antsy and bored watching TV and movies, and like to have an activity to keep me busy. It’s also a great distraction and way to keep your mind off of things! There are so many pretty ones out there! See and shop some of my favorites I’ve found online below. Unfortunately the one you see in the picture above is not available online (or anywhere)! It’s one I purchased years ago at the Charles James exhibit at the Met in New York.


Discovering the HouseParty app has been a game changer for me! The app allows you to video call a ton of people at once. I’ve had a video chat with a big group from SMU, several of my Dallas-based girlfriends, my mom and sister, my friend Meghan in New York, etc! It’s a great way to stay in touch and feel connected while we’re all separated. HouseParty also has a game mode where you can play a few different types of games with the people you’re video chatting with. These include trivia, heads up, and more! So fun. I’ve also heard Zoom is a great one for this same thing, but I’ve never tried it! My friends have also told me about Marco Polo, which allows you to leave your friends and family members video voicemails – the only difference between it an HouseParty is it’s not live. You record a message and send it to someone. Obviously there are lots of options out there, just know there are ways of staying connected virtually! Try a few and see which ones you like best!


If you’re social distancing with someone (a roommate, spouse, family members, etc), play board games! I love a good game night. I have quite the collection now that I’ve amassed over the years, so if I had someone with me you bet I’d be doing a new game every night! Alas, I must do puzzles. Below are some of my favorite board and card games for you to shop and play while we’re at home!


If you’re used to going to a gym and need to modify to an at-home workout, I highly recommend trying a few of the amazing apps that are out there like BBG, The Sculpt Society, Obe Fitness and more. Many of them are offering discounted rates right now! A bunch of local studios are also doing free classes online or on Instagram as well, so look at the ones in your area to see what’s available! I’ve also been taking a long walk (45 min-1 hour+15 depending on the day!) every single day. Weather has been up and down, but luckily there’s been a break in the clouds/rain most days where I can fit one in. It’s a great time to call a friend or family member, listen to music/a podcast/audiobooks, and get some fresh air. Plus, it’s hard to get those steps in when you’re so sedentary in your home! I’m actually being more active than I was before this shelter-in-place thing, because I have more freedom to go on walks and don’t have any time constraints of when I need to be back home, run errands, or have Liza here.

I’ve been doing BBG workouts at home for several years now along with going to spin classes several times a week. Since my spin studio has temporarily closed because of coronavirus, I looked into some other at-home workout options to supplement my BBG workouts. I seriously considered buying the Peloton (and I still might!), but figured in the meantime I’d try something new to entertain myself at home. I’d seen Megan Roup’s dance cardio before on Something Navy’s Instagram stories, and her sculpt workouts featured on other blogger’s as well. I’m not a dancer (no coordination over here), but thought it might be fun to give this a try! All of her workouts can be done without equipment, and you really only need a small amount of space to work with. I have to say, these dance cardio classes have been giving me LIFE during this whole social distancing thing! I can get my heart rate up, get moving and have fun all in the comfort of my own home.


The main thing I’ve been doing in this area is laundry, but if you’ve been waiting for a time to clean out your closet, reorganize your pantry or create a home gym, now’s the time! Below are some essentials from The Container Store that’ll help you organize your makeup drawers (see this post!), closet (see this post!) and kitchen:


Always been wanting to try your hand at painting or photography? Maybe you have an interested in knitting or gardening? Or maybe you have a great idea for a podcast, but have never had the time to dedicate to starting it? Now’s the time to give it a go! You can order nearly anything on Amazon these days, so what are you waiting for?


One thing that always calms my nerves is cooking. I turn on a podcast or audiobook and get going! It’s a great way to take your mind off of things and at the end of it you get a delicious meal!

PS: I’m still avoiding going to the grocery store, but with apps like Shipt you can have someone else grocery shop for you! They do same day delivery, you just pick a time window. I had someone go to Central Market for me for some fresh produce, eggs and a few other items I’d like to prepare with my packaged items over the next couple of weeks. You select a store in the app, then add the items you’d like them to buy. On occasion (and especially now with lower supplies), they may text you to tell you if an item isn’t available and can buy an alternative instead. Because these people are braving the store for me during such a crazy time, I tip big – I couldn’t figure out how to tip in the app, so I texted the person and told them to look under my mat for it! I had a great experience with the app and will definitely be using it again, whether it’s now or after this coronavirus stuff gets figured out!


A couple years ago I made this big list of my all-time favorite TV shows to binge watch! Seems like a great time to go through the list again, doesn’t it? I also have rounded up my favorite books/audiobooks I’ve read here, here and here if that’s more your speed!


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