If there were ever a day when wearing a fancy headband is called for, it’s when you visit a royal palace! Jennifer Behr sent me this beautiful pearl headband just in time for my trip and I can’t stop wearing it! Since I wore the same two coats every day of our trip, the main way to distinguish each different outfit was with my accessories. This headband did the trick in mixing things up! Shop more of my favorite headbands this season below at a variety of price points:

Before departing Munich for Nuremburg, Briony and I visited Schloss Nymphenburg. This Baroque palace is in the western district of Munich, and features a sprawling landscape and gilded interiors. I wish we had time to do more of this kind of exploring, as I love going to museums, palaces and just walking around different areas of town. We had such little time in each city we really were only able to do the Christmas Markets! Definitely something to note if you are planning a trip there – tack on more time in each city if you want to explore outside of the markets.

The interiors of this palace were stunning – I was lucky to get some shots without people in them (we got there right as it opened!), so scroll down to take a peek inside and see more of my outfit that day!

Visiting Nymphenburg Palace in Munich, Germany

PS: While we took an Uber over to the palace, because it is quite a drive we weren’t able to secure an Uber back (there aren’t as many drivers in Germany). We ended up taking a bus and then a train back to the area we were staying! No big deal, but just a head’s up that you may need to familiarize yourself with public transport if you visit Schloss Nymphenburg!


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