Our first stop in Germany was Munich, and our first stop in Munich was to the main Christmas Market! Briony and I were both starving and wanted to spend what little daylight was left seeing as much as possible! Of all the Christmas Markets we visited on our trip, Munich was my very favorite in terms of the market’s offerings. They had the best variety of food, the prettiest ornaments (so many of the others were cheesy/seemed cheap) and had multiple markets to visit within the city! I found my favorite angel ornaments here (scroll down for a pic) that I bought for my mom, sister and grandmother. I wish I’d gone ahead and bought all of my ornaments in Munich, because we couldn’t find any others quite like these anywhere else!

There are actually a number of great Christmas Markets in Munich alone! The first is the biggest in St. Mary’s Square (Marienplatz), where the majority of these photos are taken. The second is a smaller Christmas village in The Emperor’s Court of of the Munich Residence. Super cute and quaint! Finally there is the Christmas Market at the English Gardens, which unfortunately we didn’t have time to do on our short trip as it was a bit of a drive. If you’re planning a trip next year, check out this website for information on when and where they are!

A few items you must try when visiting the Christmas Markets include Gluhwein (mulled wine – so yummy!), Schuptnudle (sort of like gnocchi!), Lebkuchen (German gingerbread – I recommend the chocolate covered!), and of course, sausage! They serve the Gluhwein in festive mugs that you can either keep or return and get your “deposit” back! Scroll down to see some of my favorite photos from the Munich Christmas Markets, and stay tuned for more posts from Munich and the rest of our trip!


PS: It was really freaking cold and windy, so I was so glad to have packed this parka. The hood came in handy too when it started sleeting on us while walking around! Thank the Lord this thing is water resistant too.


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