I’ve tried a variety of travel cases for makeup, hair and skincare products over the years and have never really *loved* any of them. They’re either too heavy because they have too many compartments and pieces for organizing, or have none and my products are all over the place. Earlier this year I ordered the Amazon makeup case that every blogger I know owns, and while it seems great for organizing smaller products, I could never arrange the adjustable sections in a way that fit everything I needed to take. It was also heavy and not at all flexible for packing!

The bag I’d been using instead was a fabric cosmetics case that fit a lot, but didn’t organize anything. It was sort of a free-for-all, which made it a chore to locate certain brushes, eyeliners, etc when I needed them… that was until my friend Ashley at Sly Beauty sent me one of her amazing toiletry bags! As a makeup artist who travels with a lot of product on a regular basis, Ashley designed the Ever Need bag with all of those concerns in mind.

I love how the bag is positioned vertically, so that all of my liquids stay up right all the time! There’s an optional hard-case tube for organizing and protecting your makeup brushes (I also put my neuLASH, mascara, eyeliner and concealer in here!) that fits conveniently in the case. In addition to a spacious open section next to where the brushes go, there are also three pockets you can use for a variety of items: the longer pocket on the back I use for eye and cheek palettes (and my Warby Parker glasses on top!), and the front two pockets I use for smaller items like Q-tips and my powder puff. This is the only travel case I’ve used that is able to fit all of my skin, hair and makeup products, and keep them safe + organized. I keep my toothpaste, toothbrush, contacts, travel-sized face wash and moisturizer, any medicine and a few other small everyday things in my Truffle clear pouch – I always keep this pouch in my carry-on or in a tote on the plane!

My routine is pretty simple as it is, so I generally don’t travel with a ton of product. But to share how much this baby fits, here’s what is in the Ever Need case in these photos:

PS: this post isn’t about my outfit, but I can’t not mention this shirt I ordered a couple weeks ago. It’s by the same brand who made this dress (been wearing it all spring/summer!), and is in the very same super soft fabric. It’s such a great, comfy basic! I’m wearing a small. Highly recommend!


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