Back to Basics | Simple Skincare and Beauty Routine

If you’ve been following along on InstaStories for the last several weeks, you’ll know I’ve been experiencing some skin issues lately. It all started right before my trip to Provence in June, and has continued to come back every other week or so! Basically, I’m experiencing what seems like eczema on my face and neck. What’s so strange is that the red/dry patches appear in the same spots each time they recur, and they mirror each other – for example, one patch appears right below my eye close to my nose, and there’s one in the exact same spot on the opposite side too… It’s been so weird! While I do have sensitive skin, I very rarely have bad breakouts or other skin issues – this is totally out of the ordinary for me. When they started in June, I hadn’t introduced anything new into my diet, skincare routine or anything in my house in recent weeks.

The past few weeks have been rather busy, but I’m finally going to a dermatologist and allergist this week to try and nail down the issue. While I wait for the results of those tests, one thing I’ve done already is to throw out my makeup brushes and any makeup that has an applicator that may have touched the effected area. I also ordered a bunch of new items from Nordstrom to replace the old ones, but am waiting for the results before I start using them! Nordstrom has the very best selection of beauty and skincare products – it’s my go-to when I need a refill or am looking to try something new. They do a great job of organizing the products on the site by skin type/skin issue, so it was effortless for me to locate some sensitive skin-friendly products!

Because of this skin issue I’ve been dealing with, I’ve decided to really simplify my routine so I don’t irritate the already irritated areas. That means I’m going back to the basics! I decided to order La Mer’s Moisturizing Cool Gel Cream again, which is a product I used for years. I only stopped using it a couple years ago when I fell in love with Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Cream – it is really luxe and creamy, but I’m thinking it might be good to go back to a more lightweight formula… especially as we figure out what’s going on!

I also ordered Paula’s Choice Skin Perfecting Exfoliant during the Anniversary Sale, but am putting it on the bench for now – I think it’s probably best to avoid anything containing an acid while my skin heals! For now, I’m sticking with my go-to Arcona Triad Pads that I’ve also used for years. They are super gentle and great for sensitive skin! As far as makeup goes, I ordered an entirely fresh set of makeup brushes by Sigma Beauty. It’s not a brand I’ve ever used before, so excited to try these out! I’ll report back once I have a chance to use them!

I’ll give y’all an update once I hear back, but in the meantime I’m keeping my skincare and makeup routine super simple, gentle and light! Shop the items I’m using and/or re-ordered last week below:


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