Doing My Nails At Home + My Favorite Nail Colors

Several months ago I started doing my nails at home, almost exclusively! As someone who works for herself, I enjoy being able to paint my nails and continue working on my computer while my nails are still drying. This allows me to change my nail colors often, and I don’t waste an hour + at the nail salon every week. When I was getting my nails done by professionals, I almost always messed up a nail (or three) by not waiting long enough for the nails to dry before leaving. I was always in a rush to get back home to get more work done. Because I am pretty much a one-woman show, every minute of my day is important… so why waste the time at a salon if I’m going to mess up my nails right after I leave?

When doing my nails at home, I am able to let my nails dry while also getting work done on the computer – thus wasting less time and not messing up my nails. I also get to avoid the awful fumes – no more headaches! I’m not great with my hands (terrible handwriting, not good at any kind art), so it’s taken some practice but I’ve gotten pretty good at painting my own nails now. I still go in and get a regular mani/pedi before a trip (especially if I’ll be wearing a lot of sandals!), but on a regular basis I’m doing my nails at home.

Below is a roundup of the products I use for my at-home mani/pedis if you want to start doing yours at home more often too!

NAIL CLIPPERS – Nothing grosses me out more than nail clippings, so this clipper with detachable nail catcher makes disposable easy/not messy.

NAIL FILE – I’ve had a number of nail files in my lifetime, but nothing has yet to beat this one. It gets the job done quickly! There’s a coarse side and a fine side – the coarse side I use to actually file the nail down, and I use the fine side to smooth out the edges once they’re the right shape.

BASE COAT – First of all, the name of this base coat is kinda perfect. Second, it smoothes and protects your nails while also helping bond the polish you apply for a longer-lasting manicure!

TOP COAT – as someone who hates wasting time, this top coat is the fastest drying I’ve found! It also keeps my nails looking great way longer than any other top coat I’ve ever used. My regular manicures last at least a week with this stuff. Love it.

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