Just like it had been awhile since I’d done a post on my current makeup routine, it’s also been ages since I updated y’all on my skincare routine! As you’ve heard me say before, I’m not the best at sticking with complicated routines and I also feel like less is more in the skincare department. Sure, if you wanted to find a cream that promised specific care for your right outer nostril I’m sure you could find one – the industry takes full advantage of our obsession with anti-aging and other skincare woes as women. Men on the other hand are targeted with multi-use products, a one-and-done kind of approach… which is honestly more my speed! Unless you’re targeting a specific kind of skin problem like acne, I feel like less is more. So with that, my skincare routine is as follows:


I’ve been a fan of Simple Skincare since the day they launched. I have very sensitive skin, so gentle cleansers and makeup removers are of utmost importance to me. I use the Cleansing Wipes every day to remove makeup, followed by this Foaming Cleanser to rinse the rest of dirt and debris from my skin.


I’ve used toners at night for years, but it wasn’t until recently I started using them in my daytime routine too. Considering how often I work out (and I sweat A LOT), I should have started doing this a long time ago. Toner will remove any remaining bits of oil, dirt and debris left behind by (or missed by!) a cleanser. I’ve been using Arcona Triad Pads for years! I like that I don’t have to use cotton balls to apply it (hate them), and these toner pads are super gentle on sensitive skin.


I know you’re supposed to use sunscreen every day, but as someone who works at her desk/computer all the live long day when she’s home I try to avoid it unless I know I’m going outside a bunch. Again, less is more – if I don’t need it, I’m not going to use it. As you can imagine, I spend a lot less time outside in winter, so sunscreen really only comes into play this time of year in my skincare routine! My current favorite sunscreen is this lightweight SPF60 fluid by LA ROCHE-POSAY. As the name suggests, it doesn’t lay heavy on your skin and isn’t oily like a lot of sunscreens I’ve come across. I’ve used LA ROCHE-POSAY sunscreen products for the past several years and trust the brand – it’s never failed me!


This is probably my current favorite step in my routine, because I sort of feel like a chemist mixing my own little concoction together. Silly, I know, but it’s the little things! Basically, I mix about a dime-size scoop of Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Cream (such a rich, silky moisturizer I’ve used for a couple years now!) with a couple drops of Vintner’s Daughter Active Botanical Serum (more on that below). I’ve never really enjoyed putting oil directly on my skin, so I figured by diluting it and combining it with my go-to moisturizer I’d get the same benefits without the icky slick oil feel. IT’S THE BEST COMBO EVER! I basically use it as a primer on my face and neck before applying my makeup in the morning. My skin feels and looks super glowy and smooth, which is exactly what you want before applying face makeup.

If you recall from my InstaStories, I finally purchased Vintner’s Daughter Active Botanical Serum before I had lunch with my friend Amy at Forty Five Ten back in January. I was early to lunch (naturally), so I popped in the beauty/skincare room. I’d been wanting to try this serum for awhile – it seems like everyone and their mom uses it and RAVES about it! The guy at the counter talked me into it of course, by appealing to my “less is more” approach to my routine. The multi-correctional formula promises to nourish, balance, protect, regenerate and provide anti-inflammatory benefits… who could say no to that?! There are also 22 active ingredients that are nutrient-dense in the Active Botanical Serum, and there are no fillers or harmful chemicals (it’s difficult to find products without those these days!).

After using it for nearly five months, it’s about time I gave it a little review! With the exception of a couple of hormone or diet-based breakouts (consuming really fatty/sugary foods and alcohol in Charleston and other trips!), my skin has been consistently even and clear these past several months. While I don’t usually have a lot of breakouts anyway, I used to get these little whiteheads on my cheeks – I haven’t noticed these in awhile, so I feel like the serum has something to do with that! I also just feel like my skin feels more balanced, doesn’t get irritated as easily, and heals up quickly if I do experience one of those diet or hormone-induced breakouts. My skin just looks healthier! Definitely worth the $185 price tag, in my humble opinion. Plus, it smells AMAZING.

One other piece of this “Hydrate + Protect” step in my routine is applying this lip balm. My lips get sooooo dry, and I like to have them hydrated, smooth and even before applying makeup. I also apply this balm before bed at night! The best!


Exfoliating is not something I do daily, but more like once a week. I started using this Aurelia Refine + Polish Miracle Balm a few years back after getting it in a NET-A-PORTER press mailer, and have loved it ever since! The exfoliating beads are not rough on my sensitive skin, and it smells like a product they’d use at a luxurious spa. I just keep it in my shower and use when my skin feels like it needs a boost!


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