how I organize my makeup drawers


[halves]Best Tips for Organizing your Beauty Products and Makeup

Best Tips for Organizing your Beauty Products and Makeup[/halves]

Best Tips for Organizing your Beauty Products and Makeup

[halves]Best Tips for Organizing your Beauty Products and Makeup

Best Tips for Organizing your Beauty Products and Makeup[/halves]

I’ve received a bunch of requests to share more home content on here, and while I definitely want to do that, I’m still not done decorating each room yet! I promise more content is coming, but in the meantime I have a few home posts that don’t necessarily have to do with decor… in the first, I thought I’d share how I’ve organized my makeup drawers!

I’m a big fan of things having their “places”, and the easiest way I’ve found to separate and contain products is to use drawer organizers. I wanted my drawers to look clean and sleek, and I wanted to be able to see everything very easily. So when I went to The Container Store, I knew acrylic was going to be the only way to go!

I ended up buying several acrylic pencil cups that I knew would be multifunctional for things like eyeliners, lip glosses, mascara, brushes, etc. I also have a couple of these in my office! For the drawer containing my face makeup, eyeshadow and brushes, I actually found that this hair care organizer was the best size and had the right shapes for the various products I had.

For my lipstick drawer, I have three of these 24-section risers to display my various shades. So I don’t have to pick them up each time to know what color they are, I have the label side up so I can see without having to rummage through. My top drawer is the thinnest and wasn’t tall enough for the one lip gloss cube I bought, so I just placed that down by my mascara and eyeliner cup. I have all of my Chanel and NARS lipglosses in the cube, and the rest are displayed in one layer behind my lipstick. That way I can see all the colors and know where everything is! I also have a bunch of great eyeshadow palettes, and luckily those fit nicely around the main organizing unit in the drawer.

I also have several other acrylic pieces in my bathroom from The Container Store, including this large tray under my sink that holds my hair products, this dual canister for my cotton balls and q-tips, these risers for displaying/organizing my nail polish, and I also have some stackable organizers I use for my earrings in my closet! Couldn’t find those on the site though.

I hope y’all enjoyed this post and got some good ideas for how to keep your drawers clean, pretty and organized. Stay tuned for more home posts, and click here to see all of the ones I’ve already done!

PS – this is not a sponsored post whatsoever. I just really love The Container Store!


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