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[halves]My Everyday Morning Skincare Routine | Dallas Beauty Blogger

My Everyday Morning Skincare Routine | Dallas Beauty Blogger[/halves]

It’s been awhile since I did a skincare post, and after numerous requests over on Instagram I thought I’d start by sharing my everyday morning skincare routine! For my nighttime skincare routine, you can check out this video over on YouTube. Also, before I jump into this… A couple weeks ago I started noticing my pores have gotten bigger… EEK! I ordered a few different products that I’m currently testing out and will report back on! If they help, they may be added to this routine!


Since I usually workout first thing, my morning skincare routine doesn’t actually start until after I’ve exercised and showered! On Monday, Wednesday and Friday that’s usually around 9:30 or 10:00am, and on Tuesday/Thursday it may not happen until noon – I double up on workouts those mornings, and usually don’t get done til lunchtime. My skincare routine actually starts in the shower, as I generally prefer to wash my face in there. That might sound weird to some of you, but I reallllly hate getting water all over my arms and countertops when I do it at the sink – it truly irks me! I also have a harder time keeping cleanser out of my eyes/contacts when I do it at the sink – I feel like I have to open my eyes to find the faucet handles and towels, and end up making an even bigger mess (and burning my eyes!). I also really enjoy doing face masks in the shower, as I can apply it at the beginning and be shaving my legs while it sits and works its magic. Insert shrug emoji here. That’s just how I do. Anyway, lately I’ve been using this gentle cleanser in the mornings!

Once I’ve washed my face and am out of the shower, I’ll apply this toner to my face. My aesthetician/facial goddess at Joanna Czech (Lindsey), recommended it to me and it’s the perfect exfoliating toner for my sensitive skin! It balances the pH levels in your skin so all of your skincare products can be correctly absorbed and be more effective. Use caution when buying the P50 lotions though! On my last visit, they accidentally gave me the P50V 1970 and it was way too harsh for my skin! The skin above my lip got all red and started to peel – it was NOT pretty! There are multiple formulas of the P50 lotion, so I’d recommend asking for a few samples somewhere that sells Biologique Recherche to take home and test out before making the investment. I have the Lotion P50W 1970!

Next up, I’ll apply this serum to my entire face and neck. I started using By Terry’s products a couple years back (this one is my all-time fave!), but earlier this year I discovered their skincare products and LOVE them! They’re so luxe and smell great – they’re all made with rose, which is one of my favorite scents. I travel with this face cream because the jar is much lighter than my Charlotte Tilbury and La Mer jars, but as far as my everyday skincare, I use mainly use the serum from the brand. It’s a hydrating formula that diminishes the appearance of dark spots (which I’ve unfortunately started to notice on my face), and it’s perfect for sensitive skin.

Once I’ve given that about 15 seconds to dry, I’ll dab a decent amount of moisturizer to my face, neck and chest. In winter, I use Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Cream because it is a thicker, creamier formula that goes on a little heavier. It’s great for battling dryness in the colder months of the year. When it starts to get really hot here in Texas (next month!), I switch over to La Mer’s Gel Cream – it is suuuuper lightweight and keeps my skin dewy without looking greasy in the heat! I also think it’s a good idea to switch up your products every once in awhile so your skin doesn’t get used to specific products, therefore making them less effective.

The last thing I apply to my face before my makeup is sunscreen. I haven’t always been the best about this… but as the temps heat up and I’m outside more, I make more of an effort to keep up with it! There are two face sunscreens I really, really love. The first is SuperGoop’s Everyday Sunscreen and the other is this La Roche-Posay sunscreen.


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