three products that will totally transform your lashes


Givenchy Base Mascara and NeuLASH Lash Enhancing Serum

[halves]Givenchy Base Mascara and NeuLASH Lash Enhancing Serum

Givenchy Base Mascara and NeuLASH Lash Enhancing Serum[/halves]

[halves]Givenchy Base Mascara and NeuLASH Lash Enhancing Serum

Givenchy Base Mascara and NeuLASH Lash Enhancing Serum[/halves]

Since I spend a lot of time talking to the camera over on SnapChat, I get a TON of questions about my makeup routine. The questions I receive almost always have to do with my lashes! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten the “do you have lash extensions?” or “what mascara do you use?!” questions. While I wish my lashes were this long all by themselves, that definitely is not the case! There are three products I absolutely swear by these days, so I thought I’d do a blog post and tell you all about ’em!


Unless you’re a brand new follower of my blog, you’ve absolutely already heard me rave on and on about neuLASH! For just over four years, neuLASH has been one of my best kept beauty secrets and a tried and true favorite of mine. I apply it to my lash line every night before bed! I don’t remember exactly how long it took to start working on me, but I would guess I started seeing results in about six weeks. I’ve never stopped using it, and have maintained long, thick and lustrous lashes ever since! While a full tube is $150, it has been one of the most worthwhile investments I’ve ever made in my beauty routine. Plus, a full tube lasts me at least a year! When you look at the numbers, $150 a year with neuLASH vs $150-$200 for an initial set of extensions (which you also have to pay to maintain and keep up every few weeks!), neuLASH is way more approachable. On top of that, I’ve had several friends experience allergic reactions to the glue used for lash extensions, or have their lashes fall out after wearing those heavy extensions. In addition to being a great product to pick up for yourself, it would also be an amazing stocking stuffer for someone special like your mom or sister! PS: you can find an old neuLASH application tutorial here on my YouTube channel… just don’t judge my amateur video skills haha. Click here to order it today!


This product is a little newer to me, but quickly became an everyday essential after the first time I tried it out! Givenchy Beauty sent me a little care package earlier this year with some lip gloss, this base mascara and a few other products to try out. Of course I didn’t try any of it right away (I’m really bad about that), but about three months ago I finally pulled this base mascara out to give it a whirl. Before I even knew how great a product it actually was, I was just elated to discover the formula is light pink! Little details like that make me smile… anyone else? With a base mascara like this, you just apply one layer to your lashes before applying your favorite black or brown mascara. I usually let it dry about 30 seconds before applying my first coat of regular mascara, so that the base doesn’t get swiped away still wet. Once dry, the base coat gives your regular mascara a thicker lash to apply to, therefore giving the appearance of longer, thicker lashes one all product has been applied. Saying that sentence out loud sounds like a mouthful, so I hope that makes sense! Anyway, I’ve really enjoyed it and it is officially part of my eye makeup routine. Click here to buy it!


Last but not least, this drugstore mascara completely has my heart. What I love about CoverGirl Clump Crusher is the wand. The bristles are somewhat sharp, which really really helps in separating each individual lash! I cannot stand clumps!! Spider lashes are the absolute worst, and Clump Crusher totally takes care of those pesky pieces of mascara that don’t want to budge. If you’re looking to try out a new formula or you just hate clumps like I do, definitely grab a tube on your next trip to the drugstore. These days I usually just apply two coats, then I’m out the door! Click here to order it on Amazon!


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