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Best of Beauty // #NSALE | The Style Scribe

I’ve gone on and on about the fashion side of the #NSALE, but haven’t talked a whole lot about the beauty section (aside from mentioning my all-time favorite product)! There are SO many amazing beauty exclusives, special deals and gifts with purchase here.  Shop my top picks for prepping, primping and pampering below:

Jo Malone London Cologne Set – if you’ve never heard of or owned Jo Malone London fragrances, you may be interested to learn that each fragrance was developed to layer well with other fragrances in the collection. Because of this, you are actually able to completely customize a fragrance for yourself! That’s why this fragrance set is such a good deal. Not only do you get five individual fragrances, but each can be layered with another to create a uniquely “you” scent. So fun!

Clarisonic Mia Fit Skin Cleansing System – I received this as a gift while I was in California and have been playing with it this week! I had a lot of people on SnapChat tell me they’ve been using it and it’s made their pores smaller, evened out skin tone and softened their complexions. I’ll report back on my findings, but if anything, it’s a fun new addition to my skincare routine!

Laura Mercier Eye & Cheek Palette – nobody does the “no makeup makeup look” better than Laura Mercier, and this palette says it all. Warm neutrals, bronzes and browns dominate it, making it an ideal color scheme for the coming fall season!

Rose Salve Lip Balm Trio – I am a BIG fan of rose balm. It’s great at sealing in moisture on your lips and keeping them looking healthy year round. I haven’t tried this formula, but by purchasing the trio, you can keep one in your bag, by your bed and at the office!

Smashbox Brush Collection – it never hurts to update your makeup brush collection with a few new tools and shapes! I discovered my favorite brush for applying shadow to my brows through one of these sets.

Kiehl’s Grapefruit Bath & Shower Gel – is there anything more invigorating or refreshing than the scent of grapefruit? Stock up on a few of these for every bathroom in your house!

NeuBrow Eyebrow Enhancing Serum – did you overpluck as a teenager? Instead of suffering through too-tweezed, thin brows, get this duo of serums. I use its sister product religiously for thickening and lengthening my lashes, so there’s no chance it’s not as effective if it’s the same formula. Apply every night before bed to clean brows – it takes four to eight weeks to really see results, so be patient!

Butter London Nail Polish Set – I’m so weird about nail polish. I go get my nails done all the time, and RARELY do my own at home, but for some reason I have hundreds of nail polish bottles. You think I’d remember to comb through my collection and take one with me to use, but I always forget. When I go, I usually always choose a soft neutral on both hands and feet, and this set would be a perfect transition for fall!

Tom Ford Black Orchid Fragrance Set – This perfume is my absolutely favorite for date nights or when I want to feel sexy. It is such a seductive scent that you just can’t help but drool over it! It’s addictive. Sorta spicy, which is totally me!

Supergoop Sunscreen Trio – I always have a bottle of this spray in my beach/pool bag. I use the city sunscreen serum on my face, and this spray is awesome for body. It’s gentle and great for people with sensitive skin, smells great, and is infused with antioxidants and vitamin C! You can’t lose.

T3 Hairdryer – I’m in desperate need of a new hair dryer with more blowing power and less weight to it. I feel like I get an arm workout every time I blow dry my hair, and it only takes me five minutes! This one is called the “Featherweight 2”, so you know it’ll deliver.

NeuLash Eyelash Enhancing Serum – FAVORITE BEAUTY PRODUCT OF ALL TIME. You’ve heard me talk about it a ton already, so no more explanation needed.

NARS Cheek Palette – As the year goes on, I often need to switch up my bronzer and blush so that it looks more natural on my fair skin in winter. I tend to get a bit of color during the summer (whether I want it or not), so I can go for a more powerful, punchy color this time of year, but come December I’ll need something more subtle. This cheek palette has both!


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