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Beauty Sleep | The Style Scribe

I’m a firm believer in the power of pretty pajamas. Not only will they please your significant other, but airy, silky pieces like this polka-dot romper will keep you cool and comfortable all night long. Plus, you never know when the fire alarm will go off – you don’t want to get caught outside in that full-length flannel nightgown, do you?

I picked up this bow chemise about a month ago and it’s been on permanent rotation in my sleepwear wardrobe this spring/summer. It’s perfectly lightweight for the season and fits like a dream – I can’t stand to sleep in anything constricting! I’ve never had trouble falling asleep, but I always struggle with going back to sleep if something wakes me up – whether that’s when removing a layer (I get hot!), getting up to go to the bathroom, or a loud thunderstorm, it takes me hours to fall back asleep (and I sometimes flat out don’t). If I can avoid it by choosing the right pair of pajamas, I’m gonna do just that!

In addition to adding a few more PJ’s (this set and this chemise) to my arsenal, I’ve also updated my routine with this silky slip sleep mask, and this Beauty Sleep Perfector by Lancome. Cheers to getting my beauty sleep on!

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