a “no makeup” makeup look for summer in five easy steps


A "No Makeup" Makeup Look For Summer in Five Easy Steps | The Style Scribe

Can you believe it’s already May? Summer’s here, and that means you need to swap out some of your skincare and beauty products for lighter and more sun-focused items. Here’s a super easy way to achieve that “no makeup” makeup look for when you are on the beach, by the pool, or just generally don’t want a full face of makeup in the summer heat. Keep your skin protected from harmful rays while looking fresh-faced and gorgeous!

STEP ONE // A few nights before you are beach- or pool-bound, grab a gentle-but-effective exfoliator to slough off dead cells and even out your skin tone. It’ll also make the results from “step two” smooth and natural!

STEP TWO // After exfoliating and before you go to sleep, grab an Alpha Beta Glow Pad and wipe all over your face, making sure to apply evenly around your nose, eyes and down your neck. I’ve used them for two years and they offer the ideal sunless tan look for your face! I would start using these pads a couple of days before you are wanting the color at its best – depending on how naturally dark your skin is, you may need more than one day to achieve the bronze color you desire. I usually only need one or two nights to reach mine! Be sure to bring along a few pads if you are traveling too, so you can touch up to keep the tan going.

STEP THREE // Before you head out the door the day of, apply Supergoop’s CC Cream to your face. This formula combines the coverage of a tinted moisturizer and the 35 SPF protection of their popular broad spectrum sunscreens! It’s a great all-in-one product for days when don’t want a full face of makeup.

STEP FOUR // Add a touch of color to your cheeks, lips and perhaps even your eye crease with a NARS multiple in a natural blush shade like Orgasm or Riviera. Another great multi-use product that gives you the perfect flushed look.

STEP FIVE // Whether you’re on the beach or at a summer barbecue, it may get so hot you start to sweat. When that happens, you don’t want your mascara dribbling down your face! Choose a good waterproof mascara and layer on a few coats to make your eyes pop and complete the look.

Check out some more of my summer beauty must-haves below!

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