Buenos Aires



Guayascate Lodge

Yesterday I returned from my week-long trip down to Argentina! I’m so excited to share the photos I took while at Guayascate – more outfit posts to come, so stay tuned!

Guayascate Lodge

The sultry dining room overlooking the beautiful view.

The wine room.

Every meal was delicious – I’m pretty sure we had dessert every single meal (including breakfast). Hello, 5 lbs.

Getting prepared for the dove hunt!

After hunting on the first day, we enjoyed a casual lunch followed by nap time in the hammocks and on the curved tables. Why can’t every meal be followed by nap time?

Aside from the obvious meats we devoured at every meal, there were also crisp salads like this one. Everything was so beautifully presented!

One night we enjoyed a wine tasting with a local Sommelier!

Guayascate Lodge

And finally, a little instagram recap of my time at Guayascate.

If you’re considering traveling down to Argentina (specifically those of you with hunters in your families), check out Guayascate – you won’t regret it!!


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