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[halves]Jazmin Chebar | Buenos Aires, Argentina

Jazmin Chebar | Buenos Aires, Argentina[/halves]

Jazmin Chebar | Buenos Aires, Argentina

Jazmin Chebar | Buenos Aires, Argentina

I’m still working on a little Buenos Aires guide for you guys, but in the meantime let’s chat about one particular area you need to hit up if you plan to shop! My mom, sister and I spent several hours walking around the hip neighborhood of Palermo Soho. The area is mostly known for it’s vast selection of cool restaurants and fun bars, but the shopping in this district begs to be seen! Our very first stop in Palermo Soho was to the boutique of Argentine designer, Jazmin Chebar. Y’all. This store is DARLING! The shoes and handbags are very Miu Miu-esque, but it’s the clothes that really steal the show. From hot pink bomber jackets to elegant sweaters, this store has a little something for everyone! My mom walked out with that pink bomber, and I walked out with this adorable heart-print jacket.

Being the neutral lover I am, I couldn’t resist the black + sand color scheme… and while I don’t wear a ton of prints, this one was too good to miss! It’s a year round topper I can wear with leather leggings in fall/winter and dresses or jeans in spring/summer! It may still be pretty chilly when we head to Tokyo in a few weeks, so I think I’ll be backing this baby up for our trip. I wish Jazmin Chebar shipped to the states!! On the other hand, it is pretty fun having a piece so unique that nobody can buy it unless they actually go down there…

The other stores we visited in Palermo Soho that are worth dropping in include HUMAWACA (I found the CUTEST bag at this leather store – stay tuned to see!), Panorama, Gato Store (cool concept – fun to just look around!), etc. Also, if you need a pick-me-up or a quick snack, stop in Mark’s Deli & Coffee – the name doesn’t sound like much, but it’s really adorable and they have delicious treats! There are so many more boutiques that I can’t recall the names of (my bad for not taking photos!!!), so I would just recommend getting dropped off at the intersection of Armenia and El Salvador and walk around the area. Here are some other stores to check out while you’re down there!

PS – these photos obviously weren’t taken in Buenos Aires, but I’m tagging it like I’m there so this post shows up when you guys search for info on Buenos Aires!

PPS – Palermo Soho isn’t the only place to shop! Stay tuned on the other areas to check out soon!


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