Spring beauty Trends

As we sidle our way into spring, I thought I’d give a little rundown on the top trends in hair and makeup this season. Whether you want a runway ready look or something toned down for everyday wear, here’s the scoop on how to look your prettiest this year.

1. The Messy Braid – I’ve always been obsessed with fishtail braids. They are a unique and edgy spin on the typical braid and don’t make you look like a schoolgirl. A little more difficult to learn, but here’s a good how-to for you to practice. To get the messy look along with braid: use a rollerbrush when blow drying and use your favorite hair spray to add volume (my fave is Bumble & Bumble). Tease different sections with a thin-toothed comb and then begin braiding!

2. An Orange Pout – with Tangerine Tango being one of Pantone’s picks for color of the season, an orange pout is spot-on. For a night out or a more shocking lip, try Yves Saint Laurent in Le Orange or Revlon’s Orange Flip. For the office or if you want to try the look in a more conservative way, pick a coral-hued orange that doesn’t have cool tones. I prefer the cool-toned orange shades because the contrast against my pale skin literally pops!

3. Mint Nails – if you’re dying to look more tan this summer (but don’t necessarily want to risk skin cancer), test out mint-colored nail polish. The creamy but eye-popping hue stands out against bronze skin and the contrast is sublime. My pick is Essie’s Mint Candy Apple – try it, you’ll love it.

4. A Full and Defined Brow – I wish I had darker eyebrows so I could at least attempt to pull this look off. Full, well-defined brows were a hit at fashion week and you don’t need a makeup artist to get them. I suggest purchasing an eyebrow shaper/definer palette, like this one by Benefit Cosmetics.

5. Winged Eyeliner – if you watched the Grammy’s or the Oscar’s, you’ve seen this chic trend in action. A little retro and a little Parisian, a naked eye showcasing a thick black winged tip is about as sexy as eye makeup gets. While you definitely steady hands to get the angle correct and clean, buying the right liner is essential. I suggest trying this waterproof liquid eyeliner by Stila – it’s super easy to maneuver and looks great!

6. The Top Knot – Another haute hairdo I’ve been lusting after is the top knot. If you have long, thick hair, this one will be a no-brainer for you, but for fine-haired fools like myself, I need a little help. Allow me to introduce the sock bun. Instead of relying on your hair’s natural volume (or lots of hairspray), use a sock to secure your locks and hold the bun in place. The sock bun tends to look cleaner than the normal top knot, which is better for you working girls, anyhow. For a messier look, lose the sock and tease your tresses until you get the right effect.

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