Spotlight On – Lisa Nik Jewelry

On my trip to Aspen a couple weeks ago, I was walking around town shopping and entered a small shop on East Cooper after spotting some sparkly little treasures in the store window. Upon entering the boutique, I began perusing the merchandise when a pretty dark-haired woman walked up and began a conversation regarding the pieces I was eyeing. Turns out, that lady was the jewelry designer, Lisa Nik! After talking a bit further, we discovered a mutual connection in Houston – what a small world. Anyway, these three pieces are my personal favorites from her vast fall 2011/spring 2012 collection of fine jewelry.

1. 18K White Gold and Diamond Cross, 2. 18K Rose Gold Ring with Smokey Quartz and Diamonds, 3. 18K Yellow Gold Necklace with Rutilated Quartz and Diamonds

Ranging from diamond-encrusted gun pendants to simple gemstone rings, Lisa Nik is a one-stop shop for any woman looking to enhance her jewelry collection.

Click here to check out her collection and here to locate a store carrying her line near you!


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