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Happy Wednesday! This week is fairly busy as I prepare to leave town on Saturday for another week in Carlsbad. If you recall I was there for two weeks in July, but I had a third week to use and decided to split it up instead of doing all three back to back. That way I’d have something to look forward to in the fall as well! I’m still planning on working a bit each day, so it’s not a full on vacation, but I’m definitely excited for a brief change of scenery and a last little bit of time by the pool. My mom and stepdad were just there and said it was sooo nice being there after Labor Day because all of the kids are back in school. I imagine it’ll be a little more of a relaxing experience without children splashing about in the pools!

On the podcast this week I’m deep diving into how brand partnerships and collaborations work in the influencer industry! I did an Influencing Behind The Scenes episode like this last fall that was all about how we make money, so definitely listen to that if you want to hear the inside scoop. In this week’s episode I also share three new shows I started watching last week, and also answered listener questions about how to deal when you don’t like your mom’s boyfriend, how to support your single female friends, and how to cope with a fear of flying! Click here to listen now!


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