I can’t believe my New York trip starts tomorrow!! I haven’t been back to the city since December 2019, so I’m very eager to get back. The holiday season is my very favorite time to visit, and I couldn’t be more excited to get there! This trip is really getting me into the winter mindset, and I can’t wait to fully break in my new boots and some other cold weather items I’ve picked up recently. This cashmere sweater dress is SO soft and a cozy, chic piece you can dress up or down! I love how it looks styled with black tights and matching knee-high boots for a cute and comfy day-to-night outfit. I’m wearing a medium in the dress and it fits great! I thought it would be fun to share some of the items I ordered during Cyber Week – it’s all fall/winter stuff, since I wanted a few new things to try for my trip to NYC. This goes without saying, but I tend to order a lot because only a handful of items usually end up working – a lot of this will likely be returned! Fingers crossed it all gets here before I leave tomorrow!

  • I ordered this ivory wrap coat to try! I love the classic style and color.
  • I saw this sweater several weeks ago and it promptly sold out, but I noticed it was fully back in stock over the weekend! The color is so gorgeous!! Had to order it.
  • I ordered a couple other coats as well, because I realized a few weeks ago that some of mine are fitting a little tight at the moment! Loved this black wrap coat and this double breasted style from Ralph Lauren!
  • This sweater was actually not on sale, but I thought it was so cute and wanted to give it a shot!
  • This Madewell sweater looked like a solid budget-friendly style to try! I got it in the Heather Chalk color.
  • I’ve never tried this brand, but loved the color of this sweater!
  • I’m *very* into feather trim pieces this season, so I ordered this turtleneck to try too!
  • I also ordered two pretty pricey velvet dresses to try (this and this)! Not sure either will fit or look good, but my favorite velvet dress is too small on me right now and I’d love a new style I can wear this season!

PS: I know that’s a lot of stuff. Just a reminder I do NOT plan on keeping it all! I expect to return a lot of it – I’m just assuming not much of it will end up working/fitting right. I recently picked up several new pairs of jeans and a couple new pairs of boots, so I’m covered there. Stay tuned to see what outfits I take to New York!


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