I’m officially back from vacation! After three weeks away, I’m feeling refreshed and ready to jump right into the busiest season of the year. This month is going to be particularly busy too! After kind of a slow year partnership wise, I’m excited to share I have several fun collaborations happening this month with some of my very favorite luxury online retailers! I’ll be shooting a lot of new content this week for those, and also just playing catch up with being out of the office for so long. Also, as you may have seen on Instagram, I’m considering starting a podcast! I listen to podcasts every day, whether it be on walks with Reeses, while working at my computer, when I’m cooking, putting on makeup, etc! They keep me entertained and bring me a lot of joy, and it’s a medium I’ve enjoyed participating in as a guest too. I figured I’d try my hand at it! I went ahead and ordered all of the equipment I’d need, and it arrived in the mail on Friday. I’m going to record a few episodes to see whether I even enjoy it before actually putting it out for the world to listen to! I’ve already got some great ideas outlined in regards to the episode layout/segments, and actual episode topics. Podcasting is a very popular and saturated medium, so I only want to start one if it’s something I’m going to enjoy doing and provides value/something unique to listeners! All that to say, this isn’t a done deal yet. Just something I’m playing with and seriously considering! I’ll be sure to report back once I know more.

But back to my vacation… I recently discovered this brand Coco Shop and fell instantly in love with their feminine silhouettes and romantic prints. I don’t normally buy summery pieces at the end of the season (unless they’re on sale!!), but I couldn’t pass up this puff sleeve floral maxi dress. I thought it was perfect for my California trip and a cute style for a nice dinner. It gives off major Bridgerton vibes, don’t you think?! Even though it’s white and feels summery, the rich colors featured in this print would look great with cognac accessories for early fall wear. It’s still in the 90’s here in Texas, so I definitely plan to wear it again soon! I ordered a second dress (this one) that fit wildly different from this one. I’m wearing the medium in this dress which is true to size, but the other was the same size and I couldn’t even zip it up! Just wanted to give you a heads up, in case you’re planning to order one. This bag from Le Nine is one of my favorites for nights out! It looks great with so many things and adds a nice sparkly pop to each outfit. I actually have the same back in a red + pink color scheme too… love them so much!

PS: I updated my San Diego guide with new spots we hit on this trip! Click here to check it out and bookmark for your next trip to the area.


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