Having lost my father fifteen years ago, Father’s Day doesn’t look like it used to. For awhile it was just a sad reminder, but then my mom and stepdad got married (ten years ago this year!) and I actually had someone I was excited to celebrate! Father’s Day is definitely bittersweet, but I’m so grateful to have the wonderful second father and mentor in my stepdad, Morris. In addition to being kind, funny, generous and offering unwavering support, he’s been someone I love going to for advice! He’s always thinking of ways I can improve my business, and pushing me to take advantage of new opportunities. I’m so lucky to have him!

This year I partnered with Minted to create some meaningful, personalized gifts for Morris for Father’s Day! Their Father’s Day Gift Shop is chock full of so many amazing present picks for the father figures in your life. From custom photo art and personalized photo puzzles, to cool greeting cards, aprons, personalized stationary and even bar accessories, there’s something for everyone! My stepdad really enjoys photos and has some beautiful bookcases in his office at home, so I thought the custom photo art would be right up his alley. I decided to order several different items because I wasn’t sure what I would like most, but they all turned out beautifully!!

As someone who loves gold, I was immediately drawn to this Rustic Edges Photo Art. I decided to create two of these, both in 11 x 11, but with one in a walnut frame and the other in gold. These pieces are the perfect size for the bookshelf! I can’t wait to see how he layers them with his other photos, art and decor in the office. For the gold one, I chose a photo of Morris and me that we took on a trip to Argentina for his 75th birthday! In the walnut frame is a photo of Morris, my sister and me several years back in Carmel. Both of these pictures are favorites of mine, so I was eager to highlight those prominently.

I was also tempted by the Heart SnapShot Mix Photo Art, which allows you to incorporate multiple photographs into one piece! I chose the Noir theme and selected the black frame so that it was cohesive. In this heart-shaped piece, I included all kinds of photos featuring Morris with various family members from over the years! It’s so fun to see them all in one spot. So many amazing memories and moments!

Finally, because I’m a puzzle lover, I ordered this 60 piece custom puzzle with a photo of my mom and Morris that I took over Easter Weekend last month. I thought it would be a cute gift they could have at the ranch! I had it customized with “The Fosters”. Love it! Last but not least I ordered a few Father’s Day greeting cards, because Minted has the best ones. I only needed one for Morris, but I always like to stock up on cards for future holidays!

If you’re looking for a special, memorable Father’s Day gift, look no further than Minted! Enjoy 20% off Father’s Day gifts with my special code MERRITTDAD at checkout! This offer ends tomorrow at midnight, so don’t wait to shop. Shop these and more of my favorite present picks from Minted below:

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