One of the things I talk about when sharing each capsule wardrobe I launch is the importance of rewearing items in your closet! Sure, buying trendy, new clothes is fun and gets you excited for the coming season, but owning high-quality wardrobe staples will help carry you from season to season with ease. If you have a selection of timeless styles to choose from, you’ll have endless options to mix and match with! I often get requests to share my favorite basics and wardrobe staples, so today I thought I’d tackle that with a roundup of the best available right now.

One of my favorite new basics I’m excited to have in my closet for the current and coming season? This budget-friendly dress. It’s a clean, classic silhouette featuring a comfortable smocked back panel and useful pockets. It’s only $60 and comes in beige too! When it gets hot I’ll wear it sans jacket, but it looks great with my go-to jean jackets, utility jackets, etc. If you’re on the hunt for more pieces like this, I’ve rounded up some of my favorite basics in various categories below. PS: most of these finds are budget-friendly!


In the spring and whenever I’m traveling, a neutral trench is my go-to! I think it adds instant polish to any casual tee + jean combo. A few other jackets I reach for during the warmer months of the year are a jean jacket and a utility jacket (green)! Both are incredibly useful and versatile! Below are some of my favorite styles of trenches, denim and utility jackets:


I tend to wear jeans more in the spring and dresses more in the summer (it gets too hot for denim here in Texas!), but the tops I tend to wear most this time of year are either crewneck t-shirts, camis, a flowy silk (or similar fabric) blouse, and either an off-the-shoulder or one-shoulder top. Again, can’t recommend getting a few of these options in black and white enough! Those are the colors I wear most when it comes to repeat offenders and closet staples. Below are some great styles you can wear now and later!


I’m still wearing skinny jeans, despite the pleas from Gen Z to throw them out (you’ll have to rip them from my cold, lifeless body)! As I mentioned above, unless I’m traveling somewhere cooler, I generally don’t wear jeans in the summer much as it’s just too damn hot here in Dallas. I wear them in the spring though, so I thought I’d include some of my favorite styles here! I included some on-trend styles here in addition to my go-to skinny jeans, but I think these are still pretty classic:


I definitely tend to wear more color and prints in the warmer parts of the year, but nothing is more easy to style than a solid black or white dress. Consider a LWD or LBD a blank canvas for wearing with any combination of accessories and toppers! Below are some of my favorite black and white dresses under $200:


Skirts and shorts are a must in Texas with the heat, although I will say I don’t personally love shorts myself. I’m definitely more of a skirt or dress gal! If I do wear shorts, it’s usually part of a short suit with a matching blazer. I generally just don’t find shorts fit my figure very well and don’t find them all that comfortable! With that said, shorts can be such a useful staple for more casual outfits! Below are some of my favorite classic short and skirt styles this season:


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