My workout routine has been a bit all over the place throughout the last year! A few months into the pandemic, I ordered a Peloton bike and decided to take a break from BBG. You can read about BBG here, here and here in some old blog posts I wrote. It is an incredibly challenging workout, but it is also incredibly effective! I was in the best shape of my life when I was doing BBG along with running and indoor cycling for additional cardio. BBG is a program I was doing consistently for three years up until that point last spring, and I was getting burnt out – I blame the pandemic for giving me a serious lack of motivation! I wanted to get the full Peloton experience and start using the app for my strength and other workouts after I got the bike, so that’s when I decided to stop doing BBG. Once I moved into my new house I also got the tread, which I’ve REALLY enjoyed!!!

After almost a year of doing the Peloton app exclusively, I can say the strength and HIIT workouts just don’t compare to BBG. While I LOVE all the classes I took in the Peloton app, I just wasn’t seeing the results I had come to expect after doing BBG for so long. The Peloton classes simply are not as challenging, and there’s no way to build your workouts to get more difficult each week like the BBG program does. I’ve tried so many combinations of Peloton classes trying to replicate those results, but they just weren’t working! So with all of that said, a few weeks ago I decided to restart BBG. I’m currently on week 4 of BBG 1.0, and it is definitely as hard as I remember it being!!! I can already see the changes it is making in my body, so that totally makes it worth the extra effort.

Even though I am doing BBG for my strength/circuit training classes on Monday/Wednesday/Friday, I am still using my Peloton tread and bike for classes 3-4 times a week! I think having the various options is so helpful to keep things interesting so I won’t get bored. I’ve really been loving the Walk + Run class options for the Peloton tread (in the Walking section), as it alternates 1:1 walking and running. I still burn a ton of calories, but there’s something about the walking breaks that seem less intimidating than the longer running classes… but I’ll build up to it!

In addition to BBG and the running and biking I’m doing on my Peloton equipment, I also walk Reeses twice a day (most days) for around 45 minutes. So I’m definitely staying active!! I’ve included my current workout schedule below if you’re interested! Keep scrolling to check out a little try-on featuring some of my new activewear finds for the season – I’m really loving these cool neutral sets!!!



TUESDAY: A running class on the Peloton tread

WEDNESDAY: BBG Arms & Abs + 15 minute HIIT intervals on treadmill (tracked using the Sweat App)

THURSDAY: An indoor cycling class on the Peloton bike


SATURDAY: A running class on the Peloton tread

SUNDAY: Rest, or the above if I decide to rest Saturday instead!

I wasn’t sure I would love this color in person, but I’m so glad I ordered it to try because this set is amazing! I’m especially in love with this sports bra – the high neckline and longer silhouette is not only flattering, but super supportive for high intensity workouts like BBG and running. The leggings are great too! High waisted and very comfortable. I also wasn’t sure I’d like the ribbed look (it generally isn’t flattering on me with things like sweaters), but I actually love it on this set! I’m wearing a medium in both the bra and leggings. I also ordered these sneakers to try! Years ago I tried APL brand sneakers and didn’t love them, but I’m thinking I just tried the wrong style. I LOVE this pair! They are super lightweight and comfortable for runs, and they also slip on and off quickly if you’re looking for a style for Peloton bike bootcamps. I’m normally a 10 in sneakers, and that’s what I got!

I bought these Reebok x Victoria Beckham sneakers right away when I saw them in the new arrivals section on REVOLVE. The monochrome tan look is so chic and different, don’t you think? They look great with the tank tank featured below, but oftentimes I like to have a pullover on when I take Reeses on walks, doing work around the house or sitting at my desk. I set out to find a lightweight layer to match, and discovered this super cute sweatshirt in the process! The fabric is so velvety soft but still very lightweight, so it’ll be perfect for all the aforementioned activities. I also love the slightly mock-neck neckline! I’m wearing a medium in this sweatshirt, and it’s also available here and here. The leggings I’m wearing here are Lululemon’s cult favorite, Align leggings! Super lightweight and comfortable – a great style for spring/summer.

The tank you see here was actually something I purchased last spring at Lululemon (now sold out) and it totally matches the new sports bra and legging set I just got! Match made in heaven. The bra is sooo comfy and stretchy but not at all supportive (at least on me!), so I definitely wouldn’t recommend it for anything high impact like BBG or running! I’d say it’s more of a walking, yoga, and pilates type of sports bra. I LOVE the leggings – they are super high-waisted and the crossover waist detail is cute + flattering, although naturally I forgot to take a photo of that. I’m wearing a medium in the sports bra and leggings!


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