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Happy Tuesday! This weekend was the perfect mix of relaxation and being social. I worked out both days, took Reeses on several walks and got a facial and massage at Hiatus spa! I’d purchased a package they were offering for Valentine’s Day, and scheduled the services back to back for a full afternoon of luxury. It felt good to treat myself! On the more social side of things, I enjoyed a night in with my friend Katie with wine and Eatzi’s pizza on Friday (I don’t order it enough – it is SO GOOD), grabbed brunch with two girlfriends on Sunday, and got to see my Godchildren and celebrate their birthday.

Over the weekend I also announced a new, special project I’m working on for Sussex Style Watch: a Meghan Markle-inspired capsule wardrobe! I spent most of the day Friday nailing down the items, and all day yesterday working on the collages. I’m hoping to have this capsule wardrobe ready to launch by next week – right after Meghan and Harry’s interview with Oprah on Sunday! I cannot wait for this juicy interview, which will air at 7pm CST on CBS if you’re hoping to tune in as well. In addition to looking forward to that interview on Sunday night, I’m so thrilled because my mom is coming into town this weekend! It’ll be so fun to have her here for a few days, eat some good meals together and hang out!

Something else I decided over the weekend was to restart BBG. If you’re new around here, I was doing BBG (the Bikini Body Guide) for about three years when the pandemic hit! You can read all about BBG in these posts I wrote on the blog – lots of good information on the program in those posts. I decided to stop BBG when my Peloton arrived last summer, as the Peloton app has so many amazing workout classes available and I wanted to switch things up. While I love my Peloton tread and bike and will continue to use those, I did not find the Peloton strength and cardio floor classes to be a good substitute for BBG. They’re just not as challenging! I was putting together hour long strength and cardio workouts on the Peloton app and still wasn’t getting the results I had gotten from BBG. I’d really like to get back into the shape I was in when I was doing BBG and running, and now that I have a treadmill that should be pretty easy to do! So with that, I started BBG 1.0 over yesterday. My plan is to do BBG on Monday, Wednesday and Friday as my strength/circuit training workouts, and use the Peloton Tread and Bike classes as my cardio on the other days. I’ll be sure to do a full fitness update in a month or two, but wanted to give y’all a heads up that I am changing it up!


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