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This EDIT does not reflect the current weather in Dallas AT ALL! I’ve been home 24/7 since Thursday, since Dallas has been under a Winter Storm Warning. We’re experiencing frigid temps the city hasn’t seen in decades (under 20 degrees! during the day!), and we even got a bunch of snow on Sunday! It’s been beautiful, but so so cold and I haven’t left my house. Reeses and I did go one one walk Saturday when it was above freezing for a couple of hours, but other than that we’ve been inside. I know I don’t normally work on weekends these days, but figured all this forced time inside would be a good opportunity to get ahead on some things!

I created over a dozen collages for @TSSedited, plus created a few collages for Sussex Style Watch to schedule out over the next several weeks. If you missed it, I recently decided to start creating content for SSW again! I talk more about why here, but I’m excited to get back into it! In addition to getting some work done, I did some cooking, some organizing and some relaxing. I’d say it was a pretty balanced weekend! Dallas is still expected to freeze throughout this week, but by the end of it I’ll be eager to get back outside. I’m definitely starting to feel cabin fever-y again! In the meantime, I’ll have the fire on and in my cozy clothes!


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