I had planned to use these photos for a blog post last month, but my editorial calendar got pushed back and they ended up getting lost! It’s also been a minute since I gave you guys an update on my pup, so I’m bringing them back. In case you’re new here, Reeses is my French Bulldog puppy I got in April of last year! If you have a new puppy or are about to get one, don’t miss this blog post featuring the items I picked up in preparation for her arrival. I shared an update about a month after I published my first post, detailing the adjustment that first month had been for me, along with several items she was loving and using a lot. Finally, my last pupdate was in August where I shared everything I bought and have consistently used for her since I brought her home. Needless to say, a lot has happened since that blog post!!

September was a bit of a wild month, as I was dealing with a lot going on at the new house while also driving back and forth between Austin and Dallas when my grandmother was ill. My grandmother ended up passing away at the end of September, and then the first week of October Reeses left for bootcamp at Bevill Dog Behavior. While I knew I was going to miss Reeses, the timing for her to head off to training was kind of perfect. It gave me a bit of a break to deal with everything going on! While she was away, I naturally followed all of the instructors to get updates and see her progress.

Reeses ended up spending a total of five weeks at Bevill Dog Behavior, and I got to take her home the second week of November! I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect since she’s still a puppy and a French Bulldog (they’re notoriously stubborn!), but it was a night and day difference from when I dropped her off. She’s still the same happy, hilarious pup, but we communicate 1000x better and she’s done a 180 in terms of impulse control! We’re still working on making some improvements here and there, but overall she is doing so well and is a much more calm, relaxed dog!! She’s so easy to walk now and is really good about staying in her spot if I’m busy doing/working on other things. She’s also a dream in her crate at night! She doesn’t make a peep all night long. The main thing I need to be better at enforcing is keeping her from getting overexcited/anxious and jumping on anyone who comes into my house! She’s so good when it’s just me, but I’m still working on keeping her calm when introducing her to new people. It’s a work in progress! She’s still a puppy and I’m still learning as well, but literally everything has improved because of Bevill Dog Behavior. Her bootcamp was well worth the investment!!!

There are many wonderful benefits to working with Bevill Dog Behavior. The first is that the dogs don’t work with just one person – they spend a week at one home with a specific trainer, then move to a different location with different trainer. They do this a few times to expose the dog to a variety of environments, people and other dogs! That way the dog understands the behaviors they’re learning apply to all people and environments they are in. The second thing I love about the program is their commitment to dogs who have completed the program! Once your dog has graduated, you can participate in group classes (for socialization!) and board your dog with Bevill if you head out of town. I’m planning to start using the boarding option now that the holidays are over, even if I’m not traveling anywhere. Sending her for a few days every other month or so will be a great opportunity for them to touch up her training! Bevill will soon be launching a dog spa that will do grooming, acupressure and more – will totally be utilizing that once it’s completed too! They will also be launching an entirely new website that will feature e-commerce (so you can shop the cots, leads and more!), a learning section that will showcase a bunch of free content for those not local to Dallas, and more!

If you’re looking for a solid, effective training solution for your dog, definitely check out Bevill Dog Behavior! They run bootcamps/board+train programs throughout the year for dogs of all ages/backgrounds – click here to read about each program and pricing for each option. Brad also does virtual consultations and in-home interventions (he flies out to you!), so even if you’re not in the DFW area, you can still work with Bevill Dog Behavior! You can read about those options and pricing here as well! Be sure to also follow Bevill Dog Behavior on Instagram – they’re always sharing great tips for new and experienced dog owners!


While I’ve linked most everything Reeses uses in the previous blog posts I mentioned above, below are some of the more recent additions at my house! Keep scrolling for some fun pupdate photos of Reeses over the last few months…

  • Diggidy Dog Sherpa Jacket – When it’s really cold on our walks, Reeses wears this jacket/vest in a size medium. She loves it! It features velcro straps which makes it super easy to put on and remove.
  • Diggidy Dog Plaid Sweater – Below you’ll see her in a sweater which I can’t link, but here’s the matching scarf! They have them in store in Carmel, but for some reason the sweaters aren’t on their website. She wore the sweater on Thanksgiving and has also worn this on multiple chilly walks!
  • Grey Crate Set – as part of her Christmas gift, I gave her this pretty grey crate set from Mark and Graham! It’s super comfy and cozy, and I love the clean cohesive look. Her crate is 24 x 18 x 20, so I went with the small size.
  • Personalized Ceramic Dog Bowl – if you’ve seen my Instastories lately, you’ll know I got her a pretty new dog bowl! I got the large size. Easy to clean and super cute!
  • Pet Playpen – I ordered this for my mom to keep at her house when I visit! We set it up in her kitchen, because my mom and stepdad don’t want dogs wandering around their house. This pen is tall, very easy to set up and features a little door for her to walk through when we bring her out to play or go potty!
  • Donut bed – we use this donut bed every day! I have one up in my office and one downstairs in the living room. It is placed atop her Bevill Dog Behavior elevated cots (will be available for purchase soon!). She associates the cot as her “spot”, but prefers the comfort of the donut bed – so I just have the donut on the cot! I got a small in both beds.


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