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Happy Tuesday! Hope you guys all had an amazing time celebrating the new year over the long weekend! I really enjoyed having three full days to get my life together after celebrating the end of 2020. I got organized around the house, worked out + walked Reeses a bunch, binged some TV and got a head start on work for the week. It was the perfect time to hit the reset button so I could start this week off (and 2021!) on the right foot! I even worked on a little surprise that will be coming to the blog tomorrow, so stay tuned for that!!

While I didn’t make any resolutions or set any big goals for myself for the year, there are a few things I’d like to accomplish – thought I’d share those here:

  • Start running again – I felt like I was in the BEST shape when I was running and doing bootcamp workouts at OrangeTheory in 2019, so I’d like to get back to that! Since I now have the Peloton treadmill, I’ll be doing my bootcamps and running at home, as soon as the physical therapist clears me to start running! Spraining my ankle in early December definitely set me back health wise, so I’m eager to get back into a more solid workout routine as soon as that is healed.
  • Continue growing my business – I’d really love to hit 100,000 followers on Instagram this year! I’ve had my blog for ten years now and Instagram almost that long, but it has been very slow growth over the last few years on that platform. I refuse to do loop giveaways because it’s basically cheating and another way to buy followers, but it’s disheartening to be passed by peers simply because of those loops that people do constantly. If you love my content, the best way for me to grow is for you guys to share it! Pin my blog photos, share my capsule wardrobes and tag me in Instagram stories – word of mouth really is the key and it would mean the world to me if you continued to share my content with your friends!
  • Continue decorating my house – I’m nearly done with my bedroom and have ordered most of the items for my living room, so next up will be my office and backyard. Looking forward to seeing what my interior designer and landscape designer suggest for each space!
  • Travel – I’m still playing it pretty safe and don’t have any plans to travel this year quite yet, but I’m hoping we’ll have the opportunity to travel more safely later this year! I don’t have anywhere in mind I’d like to go – just somewhere with nice weather and good food that I don’t have to cook myself!


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