When I first bought my new house, the one area I was unsure about how to style was the large landing on the second floor right off the stairwell. I just didn’t know what I would use it for/what function the space would serve. Styling it certainly wasn’t a priority, as I wanted to complete my bedroom and living space first! Oddly enough, however, the landing on the second floor quickly came together… it couldn’t have been more random, but I love how all of these things look in the space!

After my grandmother passed, I inherited some beautiful antiques and special pieces from her house. Before they were delivered, I wasn’t sure where they would go or whether they would even work for the look I was going for in each space. I was very surprised and delighted when they all naturally found their “home” within my home. It’s like the antique pieces were chosen specifically for my new house! Funny how things work out that way. The beautiful walnut bar fits like a puzzle piece next to my fireplace downstairs, her stunning gold mirror and chest found the perfect location in one of my guest rooms, and this card table, chair set and matching bar cart were the ideal center point for the landing on the second floor. The paintings I inherited also feel like a perfect match for each room they’re hung in! It almost feels serendipitous how effortlessly these antiques were woven into my home. Once I realized I was getting the card table, I decided to turn the landing area into a game room of sorts!


Before I received the antiques, I hadn’t planned to use any of the other items featured in these photos in this space. I was originally going to hang the Jenn Thatcher paintings in another room, and had thought about selling the etagere! But once I got the card table and chairs in here, I liked the idea of the Jenn Thatcher triptych behind them. I also thought the large landscape painting by Bill Hoey added a vibrant mix of colors to the space, which ended up pairing well with the etagere and colorful books displayed on the other wall. Once I had all of these items in here and hung, the last thing I really needed was a rug!

Rugs are pricey, so I spent a few hours searching online during Cyber Week to see what was available and discounted. I knew I wanted a rug that would complement both pieces of art and make the space cohesive! The Jenn Thatcher paintings are more of a soft teal like the chair fabric, while the Bill Hoey featured more saturated hues like pink, yellow, green, orange and sky blue. After flipping through page after page of seemingly endless super expensive rugs on various websites, I found this beauty at Mintwood Home! The backdrop is sort of a sage-y beige like in the Jenn Thatcher triptych, and the accent colors feature all the colors I mentioned in the Bill Hoey painting… it was truly a match made in heaven! After measuring the room I decided to order the 10×13 size, and it happened to be 20% off for Cyber Week – the price is still pretty decent even after the sale. It’s a huge rug! I’m always a little worried about how rugs will look in person (lighting in photos can be misleading!), but this rug was exactly as pictured on the website.


This large, gorgeous rug makes this space feel like a real room vs just a landing. It’s cozy, colorful and fun, which is just what you need for a game room! The card table is perfect for puzzles and game nights, and eventually I’d love to add a comfy bench or small sofa under the Bill Hoey painting as additional lounge seating for my two guest rooms upstairs.


Now that I’ve told you all about the room, we’ve gotta talk about my dress! This darling number is from the Dondolo x Pencil and Paper Co collaboration and I am obsessed. It is so cute, comfy and the details are exquisite! I’m wearing a medium here and it fits perfectly. It’ll be the ideal lounge/house dress as we head into spring/summer 2021!


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