I attempted to shoot photos of my closet last week, but due to some lighting issues didn’t have much luck! Once I figure that out, I’ll for sure share a more detailed look… but in the meantime, here are couple of the photos that actually turned out along with some from my phone! It took me awhile, but I finally got things organized to a degree that I’m comfortable with. I still have some areas that need to be tweaked, but at least things aren’t piled on top of each other and I can actually see everything!

I also wanted an excuse to share this jacket, since we didn’t get a chance to shoot it in West Texas. It was just too hot to shoot something so cozy! Shirt jackets are one of the bigger trends we’ve seen for fall/winter, and it’s actually one I can get on board with. Y’all know I prefer the classics, but occasionally dip into a trendier piece. The first shirt jacket I tried on was a beautiful ecru leather piece at GBG in Carmel. It was *awesome* and looked so so cute on, but I obviously couldn’t justify spending over $1,000 on something so trendy. Later that day when we got back to the house, I searched online for something similar for less.


This jacket is a very similar off-white hue, but it also features a check/grid print with beige and grey (so pretty!) and it’s in a cozy knit fabric. The best part is the price point! At $139, it’s a fraction of the price of the IRO style I tried on in Carmel. I’m wearing a small here, which I can still style over more lightweight sweaters. So many of the shirt jackets I’ve seen are all so oversized and don’t seem like they’d be as useful/wearable. This style is more tailored and flattering, IMO! This shirt jacket is also available here.

Like I did at my old house (see the old closet here), I did my best to group each section by category then color. I definitely have more hanging space in the new house, and because of the super tall ceilings there are three stacked sections as opposed to the two in my last home. When getting organized, I put the items I don’t use as much (skirts, for example) or aren’t in season (straw bags, for example) in the top sections that are more difficult to reach, reserving the bottom sections for the items I use for most often. Right now, all of my sweaters, jeans/leggings, tops, and fall/winter jackets are in the shorter hanging sections on the two bottom rows. In the long hanging sections I have trenches, ponchos, vests, etc on the right side and fall/winter dresses on the left. All of my summer dresses are currently in a closet upstairs, and my heavy winter coats are in the coat closet.

On one side I have fall/winter boots and flats, as well as occasion shoes. These are next to the fall/winter dresses, bags and occasion clutches.

For the deeper shoe shelves you see right when you walk in, I placed summer heeled shoes/espadrilles at the top, with close-toed pumps and my beloved Golden Goose sneakers within reach at the bottom. There’s also a tall section at the very bottom were I have my totes organized! In the other dedicated bag section, straw bags and other summery styles are at the very top since I am not using them now, and my versatile neutral leather bags are on the bottom.

I hope y’all enjoyed a peek at my new closet! I’ll be sure to share a full reveal once I’m able to get photos of the space with the right lighting, so stay tuned!


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