Reeses came home yesterday! It’s been a long five weeks without her, but I do have to say I’m relieved she was gone during the move, while I was with my family and during my road trip to West Texas. I’m SO glad to have her back though! She’s truly a brand new dog thanks to Bevill Dog Behavior. I’ll be sure to share more details soon in a blog post on what was accomplished, but it was amazing to see the progress she’d made on Saturday at her little graduation. There wasn’t a ceremony or anything, but we were hands on for several hours with the dogs! We saw them socialize, did a pack walk, and Brad taught us some of the initial things they learned during their stay.

Brad brought Reeses to my house yesterday afternoon to get her set up for success at my new house! She’s only spent the night here a couple of times before going off to boot camp, so hopefully she won’t have any associations with the space with her prior behavior. She’s still a puppy and as a French bulldog is pretty stubborn, but the difference really is night and day from when I dropped her off on October 5th. She’s doing much better with impulse control, is chill on walks and very receptive to direction! Now that she’s done with the bootcamp, it’ll be up to me to be consistent with the training both she and I received from Bevill Dog Behavior! Wish me luck!!


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