I wore this outfit for our last day in Terlingua. It was the perfect ensemble for our horseback ride, don’t you think? I also got a chance to debut my new Stetson hat from Communitie! I’ve always said I’m not a hat person, but here we are – I think I might be changing my tune. I am, however, a Swiss Dot person. It is one of my very favorite fabrics! There’s something about it that is so ethereal and inherently feminine. And this blouse is definitely both of those things! You guys know I’m a sucker for a ruffled neckline, and the blouson sleeves are to die for. While it didn’t feel particularly Western when I tried it on, it is clearly a versatile piece. I think it looks so darling with my Isabel Marant boots and new hat! It certainly will be a great statement staple throughout the spring and summer months next year as well. It’s very lightweight and was ideal for when the temps rose on our ride!

Speaking of our horseback ride, if you’re staying at The Local Chapter you’ve gotta check out Big Bend Stables! It’s very conveniently located, just down the street from the yurts. They have a number of rides available, including a sunset ride which I hear is amazing! They were already booked for that particular ride, so we went with the two-hour morning ride. They accommodate all skill levels, so it’s great for beginners! My horse’s name was Shrek – naturally, he and I were best buds.

We’ve come to the end of my posts from West Texas! I actually had several other fall-ish outfits I wanted to shoot, but it was just too hot most of our trip to capture them there. I’ve already shared a couple of those looks on my InstaStories, but will share them on the blog sometime soon. Even though I’m back in Dallas, I’m going to continue sporting Western-inspired pieces. As a born and bred Texan, it’s one trend I can happily get on board with! Don’t forget to check out this city guides page for tips on each location we visited!


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