As I mentioned in this post, I wanted to furnish my bedroom first at the new house. I already had a pretty good idea of the direction I wanted to go, so I ordered this bed, dresser and these lamps back in August! Naturally, I received the lamps first. The dresser came a few weeks later, as did the bed. The first bed arrived damaged (there was a shipping mishap – looked like a forklift was to blame as the box was severely damaged too!), so I rejected it and asked for a replacement to be sent. They told me the replacement wouldn’t be available until at least the end of November, so you can imagine my surprise when I got a notification it would be delivered last week!! Needless to say, I was thrilled! This delivery went off without a hitch, and the bed was assembled in no time. I love this bed so so much! I love the clean lines and sleek look of it, but the fabric headboard ensures comfort too. Plus, the linen fabric on the headboard matches the dresser *perfectly*.

These side tables were my grandmother’s, which I plan to use in another room. While I love them, I think I’ll want more storage for my bedside tables. They’re a great placeholder for now, though! And I honestly love the round table look next to my bed – I think it’s a nice way to offset all of the right angles. With that in mind, I’m searching for a pair of nightstands that feature a curved look – something not so boxy! Over the weekend, my floor mirror from Restoration Hardware also got delivered! It is enormous, which is exactly what I was hoping for. I have ten foot ceilings, and this beauty is 7 1/2 feet tall! Because my lamps and bed are black, I thought a gilded mirror would be a good way to brighten the space and pull the gold details from the lamps and future drapery hardware together. I originally thought I wanted this one, but prefer the streamlined look of the arched mirror I purchased.

I have yet to order a rug, but I do have one on my list… this one to be exact! I ordered a runner version of it just to see if I liked the colors, and it looked amazing with the dresser/lamp combo I have. It’s currently out of stock in the size I need, but I chatted with a store associate and they said it would be restocked in the next month or so. Going to keep my eye on it! Just hoping I can snag it before it sells out again… otherwise I might have to keep looking. After that, all I will need is a pair of nightstands, bedding and little things to style throughout the space (art, books, flowers, etc)! I love how this space has come together, and so quickly. With all of the COVID-19 shipping delays, I figured it would be months before I could get it furnished!

PS: Today Reeses starts her four week bootcamp at Bevill Dog Behavior! I’m going to miss her so so much, but looking forward to seeing what she has learned at the end of the month!



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